There Is No Such Thing As Can’t When You Glow For Broke.

Lisa Griggs

Self-made millionaire Lisa Griggs is an entrepreneur, lecturer, motivator and author who has devoted her life to helping others achieve their own wealth, joy and success. Her motto, “Everyone is just one person away from stepping into their destiny,” expresses her confidence the guidance and inspiration she provides are the keys to independence and growth.

Lisa is CEO of Glow For Broke, a beauty, health and wellness company combining entrepreneurs and social selling to empower people to reach, if not exceed their business and personal goals. A top sales director for a company with products in 140 countries and nearly $1.5 billion in 2018 revenues, she is also a product developer and business consultant to major beauty and skincare firms.

In 1993 at age 20, she launched her first company Party Gals, recruiting and training a sales force of 5,000 women that grew into the largest and fastest-growing party planning business, grossing millions of dollars in its 22 years of operation. With marketing savvy and her passion to help others, she has founded 10 non-profits and start-ups including BeautymarkRx, Veracity Marketing, Stemetrix, and Gerovicap.

So what are Lisa’s keys to success?

“Everyone is just one person away from stepping into their destiny,” says Lisa. “Too often we end up defeated by life, as if we’ve hit a brick wall following our dreams.” Her tools and strategies embrace obstacles, turning them into doors that lead to winning through discipline and hard work. True to her mantra of authenticity, visualization and self-transformation, within a year of founding her first startup Lisa’s company had already grossed seven figures.

By inspiring confidence, this work-at-home mom has taken her family, global affiliates and companies to new levels by teaching passion and success yet maintaining balance. Sharing wisdom through coaching, appearances, social media and her blog, she resonates with those who seek her insight on everything from time management to being a better person, attaining sales stardom and turning dreams into reality.

Lisa lives with her three children, two rescue dogs, and rescue cat in Temecula, California. View her “Welfare-to-Wealth Video” and visit her on Facebook and Instagram.

“If you want success in your business today, this is your blueprint!”

“A game-changer for those who want to take their business to the next level. If you’re not applying Lisa’s strategies you’re leaving millions on the table.”

Bob Mower Steed, Hong Kong

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